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Our Allergen Statement

We warrant that the School Safe® products manufactured by Treasure Mills Inc. are “peanut-free”, “tree nut-free” and “dairy-free” as defined by policies and procedures in place at our facility.

  • Nuts, peanuts and tree nuts are not purchased by Treasure Mills and are not an ingredient of any product manufactured by Treasure Mills.

  • Milk and dairy products are not ingredients of any product manufactured by Treasure Mills.

  • Nuts, peanuts and tree nuts are strictly prohibited to enter into our facility.

  • The approved supplier program includes addressing allergens from supplier allergen disclosures, and assessments of allergen risk.

  • Allergen handling procedure is designed and implemented to prevent any cross contamination from receiving to shipping, storage and any manufacturing processes.

  • Allergen training is part of GMP training. GMP training is conducted for orientation and at a minimum once a year. Employees are fully trained on proper handling of allergens and the risk of allergen cross-contamination.

  • Employees are not allowed to bring in any food that contains peanuts, nuts or peanut/nut derived products; the same policy extends to our visitors and contractors.

  • Validation of the absence of peanuts/tree nuts is conduct periodically to confirm the “Peanut-Free” and Tree nut – Free” status.

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