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Our Strive

We have always embraced a sustainable business from the beginning, measuring our own initiatives through our every day practices. 

Our understanding and one of our key focuses to maintain a sustainable business are ensuring resources are being utilized at a point of equilibrium. The amount being consumed is equal to the amount replenished. Treasure Mills School Safe Snack Company strives to do our part to achieve this and to do that requires intelligent systems thinking.

Find out how we continue to positively impact our environment through our Environmental Responsibilities pathway below.

Paving The Way

2025 Carbon Emission goals

2025 Food Waste goals

2025 Recycling initiative

2025 Wildlife Safeguarding

Reduce Our Plants Total Carbon Emissions by maintaining a food waste percentage below 1%. We are currently at 2%, by consistently improving our manufacturing process we know we we can achieve our goal of 1%.. 

Food waste is responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions every year. The process of decomposition utilizes microbes in a way that produces carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions as a biproduct. By reusing any food waste that is generated and repurposing it for animal feed we can strive to reduce this number significantly. 

We are already finding new feasible materials that allow our product Packaging to become 100% recyclable. 

We are doing our part to protect our natural resources and wildlife to safeguard regenerative future for our kids and future generations to come.



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